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With the 2020 Legislative Session at its halfway point, KSPE’s government affairs tea, is working on its members’ behalf on several legislative fronts. The 2020 Session has particularly generated considerable discussion on licensure issues in both the House and Senate, along with transportation, water policy, KPERS and others.

KSPE Works to Stop Bill That Would Eliminate P.E. Requirement for Chief Water Engineer

KSPE strongly opposes SB 329, which is the Kansas Livestock Association’s bill to remove the requirement for the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Chief Water Engineer to be a Licensed Professional Engineer or even have a degree in engineering. The proposal comes in the wake of the retirement of Chief Water Engineer David Barfield, P.E., as the Department looks for a successor. KSPE visited with Senate committee members stressing our strong opposition. A hearing was not scheduled for the bill.

KSPE Works to Stop Double Licensure Requirements for Certain P.E.’s.

KSPE has worked to amend SB 168, known as the Home Inspector Bill. The bill aims to create a registration act for home inspectors. KSPE opposed language that would require Licensed Professional Engineers that perform home inspections to have additional licensure, education and financial requirements. KSPE is working with the other stakeholders to amend the bill to exempt Licensed Professional Engineers from extra licensure requirements.

KSPE Works to Amend Licensure Reciprocity Bill

HB 2506 and SB 366, known as the “Reciprocity Bill”, which allows new Kansas residents or military spouses who are licensed in another state to have their license be transferred to Kansas, includes the amendments advocated by KSPE and other stakeholders to relieve concerns on unintended consequences. The amendments provide more authority to the Board of Technical Professions to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public with transfer requests.

KSPE Advocates for New Comprehensive Transportation Plan

KSPE testified in support of KDOT’s Forward Transportation Bill, contained in HB 2588 and SB 375, which is the comprehensive transportation plan set to succeed TWORKS, once it is completed. Forward Kansas is a new ten-year transportation plan but is considered to be a rolling plan as far as project selection. Specifically, the bill allows the KDOT Secretary to select projects for development and construction every two years, after a series of local consultation meetings.

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